Friday, May 14, 2010

Is it gay for a man to get a pedicure?

in prison?Is it gay for a man to get a pedicure?
No . . . its gay for a man to have sex with another manIs it gay for a man to get a pedicure?

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not at all. i like a man that can take care of his body
you are still in prison??????

i think FEVER bribed the police .....
No, I think that's accepted protocol.
not if his girlfriend is the one giving it to prison.
yes, it's //very// gay for a man to take care of him self! (oozing with sarcasm)
Um....only if they are dressed like you. LOL!
outside of prison no my boyfriend gets pedicures cause I dont want him tearing up the sheets inside prison yes cause the only other person to do it would be a guy and I think that is kinda weird
no it's not gay... why can't a mans nails look good too. no one wants to see crusty nails on anyone... if a man doesn't take care of his nails then everyone is looking at him like he's a dirt ball, and when he does he's gay?? to me its just called personal hygiene... men or women just need to take care of themselves.
only if he enjoys it :P
Sure, if he wants to go to prison for one, more power to him...LMAO...
Yes I would think so
Only if you use PINK polish.
very gay
Its not gay, its just very metro-sexual. In prison...ick!
No,but you might get your butt whopped.
depends, a guy may give the pedicure if out of prison, so what is the difference. depends on your flavor and your intent in or out of prison. If you have a ';feet'; fetish then yeah maybe its gay
haha... yeah, especially in prison
I think a man't nails looking good are as important as a womans. I would imagine that there are guys getting pedicures in prison, if they are offered that service.
yeah, it really is.

Is it true that if u get pedicures during pregnancy, they can put u into labor?

my cousin-in-law told me yesterday that there are pressure points in ur feet that can actually induce labor...

is this true?Is it true that if u get pedicures during pregnancy, they can put u into labor?
YES, it is true. I work in a day spa and one of our employees was pregnant but hadn't told anyone yet and got a pedi with a vigorous foot massage, felt crappy right after and ended up having a miscarriage a few days later.

Another on of our girls is due in 2 weeks and keeps getting people to work the preessure points on her feet to try and get labor going.

Pedicures are ok during pregnancy, but make sure you let them know them know that you are pregnant, especially in the first trimester, and that way they can avoid massaging the feet.Is it true that if u get pedicures during pregnancy, they can put u into labor?
Supposedly it's true. You just have to have it done by someone who knows the pressure points, and will focus on them. And your body has to be ready to go into labor as well, or nothing short of a medical induction would work (and of course, sometimes medical inductions don't even work).
I don't think so. I got pedicures throughout my second pregnancy and nothing like that happened.
No...I had one and I'm still pregnant.
  • wedding makeup
  • I got a pedicure, the french tips ..I hate feet, why do men like looking at womens feet?

    How long have we known each other? Have I ever looked at your feet? no. I only look at your two large and lovely ... eyes.

    Peace, babe!I got a pedicure, the french tips ..I hate feet, why do men like looking at womens feet?
    Cos women`s feet are lovely!I got a pedicure, the french tips ..I hate feet, why do men like looking at womens feet?
    If they are looking at the feet they must be gay. It sure isn't what I look at
    I dont understand why girls are always saying I hate feet but yet you go to so much trouble and time and work all trying to make your feet look pretty. Now you must want people to notice and say wow you have gorgous feet. That way maybe you didnt waste all that time and money. Personally I think womens feet are amazing and I stare whenever I get the chance if they are pretty of course I like to stare because Im attracted to womens feet because they can be so gorgous like a face or breats, butt ect.
    We spend some much time grovelling there that sometimes we just have to look.

    May I kiss your feet Mistress?
    Sweetheart, you're hanging out with the wrong guys. I don't think that I've EVER cared what a woman's feet looked like. As long as they don't stink, I ain't worried. My focus is on, err, other assets.
    because womens feet smell good and are good looking but im not like that
    Yeah, you hate them until some guy (like me) would take your pretty feet and carress them, rub them, kiss them, lick them and suck your toes like little lollipops! As far as men liking to look at women's feet, let me tell you that women's feet our not our primary point of interest...we're just men and we have a penis. If it looks good...WE WANT IT...and...WE DON'T CARE WHAT IT IS! But, that's the key HAS TO LOOK GOOD! What more needs to be said? Now, the real question is if you hate feet so much, why did you spend the time and money for a pedicure...huh?
    my ex hates feet too, he thinks everyone should wear socks all the time
    I think it's one of their fetishes.
    I think pretty feet are really sexy! I like french tip pedicures. If all a man is interested in is the feet, that probably isn't too healthy, but if a sexy lady has sexy feet, why not enjoy it?

    But why do you hate feet?

    D.I.Y pedicure ideas?

    First remove any polish you have on your toes and then cu your nails and file them. Next soak your feet in as hot of water as you can bear and you can add scented oil to make it more relaxing.After 5-10 minutes use an exfoliant on your feet and then wash them off and towel dry them. Now use a pumice stone or foot file on the heels and balls of your feet. Then apply a moisturizing lotion to your feet. Next put some remover on a cottonball and wipe it on your nails to remove the lotion and then wipe your nails with a dry cottonball. Now use a base (1 coat),then an enamel (2 coats), and then a shiny top coat(1 coat). Wait 2 minutes in between coats and do this at least 2 hours before bed. Use the top coat weekly to ';freshen up'; your pedi. Have fun!

    Cute Manicure and Pedicure ideas???

    Fashion crime number one! never ever use stick on flowers and patterns on your nails! they look tacky! well..I normally like really pale pink hues.Like I used this pale pink shade as the base and i top it off with revlon's sweet nothings in pillow talk ( which is glittery and very good 2 use! ) and it looks soooo pretty! very princess and cute. and I also loooove metallics! pink metallics are very cool and can match ur outfit anytime. bright neon nails are very in right now, but i find the neon yellows and neon oranges a tad bit OTT. its alright for my toes but I prefer girly shades for my nails. :):) hope that helps, and may girly girls unite! xoxoCute Manicure and Pedicure ideas???
    French Pedicure/Manicure's are always cute!!!Cute Manicure and Pedicure ideas???
    go for french manicure n pedicure .. u can design any shape u want.. cyaa!!
    just lke aplaaaaaaaainnnn dkfj sd;kljacfs;cj


    Home Manicure & Pedicure Tips And Facial Help!?


    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to give yourself a pedicure and a manicure at home, and what tools you need to do so.

    I was also wondering if anyone knew how to make home made facial masks for dry skin, I want a mask that will hydrate and freshen my skin for this summer.

    Thank You xHome Manicure %26amp; Pedicure Tips And Facial Help!?
    for manicure follow these steps

    # Using cotton balls remove any old nail polish with acetone or nail polish remover. Next you want to shape the nail using a nail cutter or file which can be foudn in your manicure set.

    # Next take liquid soap or shampoo and add it to your warm water and soak your nails to help them soften. After you are done soaking the nails you want to wash them clean with cold water and dry them with a paper towel.

    # Next using cream you want to take your buffer and buff your cuticles with the cream. Using the cuticle pusher gently push the cuticle back.

    # Next you want to massage your hands for approximately 5-10 minutes. This will help increase circulation. Add lotion to hands to increase moisture.

    # Apply the first coat of nail polish. When the first coat is dried and hard apply the second coat of polish. Do not dab but stroke in on with three even strokes starting at the base and sweeping up to the top and allow the nails to dry in between the coats

    for pedicure repeat the same steps on your feet

    here is a great remedy for dry skin

    Add a few drops of lemon juice to 1/2 an avocado, and mash. Apply to clean skin and allow to remain for 20 minutes. Then remove with some tissue, and splash the skin with cold, then warm, water.Home Manicure %26amp; Pedicure Tips And Facial Help!?
    You need some curved stickers. You stick them just under your tips or your nails and paint the top white. Leeave to dry. Then you peal off the stickers and paint over the nail with gloss. ! :D

    Has anyone gotten a manicure or a pedicure?lol?

    Yes, both.Has anyone gotten a manicure or a pedicure?lol?
    Yes, they're very nice to get, especially a pedicure because they really clean up your nails and make them look well-groomed.Has anyone gotten a manicure or a pedicure?lol?
    Yes, I used to spend around $70 every few weeks to get my nails and toes done. It's a fine treatment but can become very expensive, and it's easy to do a job just as good at home.

    Search pedicuring and manicuring kits. I wouldn't mind price too much; a $70 combination for toes and nails at a salon cannot be matched by an at-home kit, for sure.

    If you want fake nails, stores like Walmart sell quality glue that will last just as long as acrylic nails, and strong nails that will last just as long as well.
    Yes, haha?
    yes, both. is there something i am missing here, like a point to that question??
    ummm yes! like both once a month.
    yes! and love 'em!
    All the time! :)
    Yes and I have given them also.

    I suggest you bring your own tools with you as most nail technicians would understand that you are being careful.

    I have even seen the manicure set in the supermarket, but also check in the beauty supply, drugstore, maybe even Walmart.

    Your best bet is to go to a high end salon that is more likely to be very clean and sanitary.
    every three weeks: pedicure

    every week: manicure